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Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Our philosophy? “Actions speak louder than words.” All the mission statements in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t back them up. At Wm. Erath & Son, Inc. our work speaks for itself. Take a look at some of our work—these are the type of projects we complete every day—and see our mission for yourself. Whether it is corporate work or industrial jobs, every project gets our full attention and our finest work.

We’ve been in business for more than a century and in that time we’ve built up longstanding relationships; not just with clients, but with our vendors and employees. I am proud to say we’ve earned the trust and respect of everyone we come in contact with, and they choose to do business with us again and again. You can’t buy that kind of integrity.

Why? Again, actions speak louder than words. What our great-grandfather did one hundred years ago was simple: he set an exceptionally high standard, and he stuck to it. Even today, it all comes back to that same hard work, personal attention, and fine craftsmanship. With each successive generation, we’ve raised the bar. Here at Wm. Erath & Son, that’s the only way we know.